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New Website Layout

Since we launched in January 2018 with maybe 3 products and a prevailing wind we have slowly but organically been able to grow our ranges bit by bit thanks to some really great retailers that have been so loyal and patient with us. We realise that a beautiful glossy website isn't so important to business users but understood that being able to find what you want and most importantly the page load time doesn't take like 3 years! 

So with that in mind in November 2018 we decided we must try and make things a little easier for all. We revamped the website almost totally from design to functionality adding in a smart filter option which essentially allows you to stay on the same page whilst browsing. Click here and try it using the filter on the left and select your product type, sit back and watch the magic happen! It can then be narrowed down further to vendor type if required. We also put in a live search bar which generally only returns relevant products and not about a million products with the same letter in! Also with the search bar if you start typing the item it will pre-fill the results for even faster access.

With the above all said it has been a really crazy eye opening year trying to manage the retail site, bricks and mortar store and Distro along with plenty of sleepless nights and inventory juggling acts. We are very excited about 2019 with loads of new ideas up our sleeve all with the idea of making the retailer see a better return on their £. With the market flooded with so much junk we will be absolutely sticking to our principles of only stocking e-liquids, mods, tanks and starter kits that are reliable and a pleasure to sell. 

In 2019 we will start offering OEM on e-liquids for retailers so if you have an idea that you would like to see on your shelves then get in touch. From shortfills through to nic salts both flavoured and unflavoured we will get up and running. 

We would love your feedback also so if there is anything you would love to see us doing then let us know